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'We're going deeper and deeper,' said the lady, anxiously.
'To where the truth resides,' said Chantal.
'To where,' added Leroy, 'resides the answer to your question: why are we living? What is essential in life?' He looked hard at the lady: 'The essential, in life, is to perpetuate life: it is childbirth, and what precedes it, coitus, and what precedes coitus, seduction, that is to say kisses, hair floating in the wind, silk underwear, well-cut brassieres, and everything else that makes people ready for coitus, for instance good food - not fine cuisine, a superfluous thing no one appreciates any more, but food everyone buys - and along with food, defecation, because you know, my dear lady, my beautiful adored lady, you know what a huge position the praise of toilet paper and nappies occupies in our profession. Toilet paper, and our mission is not only to discover it, seize it, and map it, but to make it beautiful, to transform it into song. Thanks to our influence, toilet paper is almost exclusively pink, and that is a highly edifying fact, which, my dear and anxious lady, I would recommend that you contemplate seriously.'

Identity, Milan Kundera

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The meditation upon water and waves

"The third process, the Transmuting of all Things to the One Common State of At-one-ment, by means of the simile of water and waves, is according to the following meditation:

As waves are produced from water itself, so, in like manner, is to be understood how all things are the offspring of the mind, which, in its nature, is Voidness.

Saraha hath said:

'Since all things are born of the mind,
Therefore is the mind itself the guru.'

This teaching is called 'The One Truth pervading the Realm of Truth'; and, therefore, known as the Oneness manifesting itself in the Many. The
yogin who hath mastered it, realised the Voidness in every state (of consciousness), as the fruit of Knowledge."

W.Y. Evans-Wentz. Tibetan Yoga and secret doctrines. Oxford, 1971.

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marcus aurelius - meditations

Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny. For what could more aptly fit your needs?

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